*By Daniel Rolnik
I’m based in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. We have a pretty cool and vibrant art scene going on here, but not so much photo realistic stuff yet – at least not that I’m aware of. People are still a bit hesitant about this art form around here, but I have a feeling there will be more of it in the near future. 

A sad thing is the politician’s decision to ban all sorts of graffiti and/or graffiti inspiring movements in town. At the same time, there’s a fancy auction where they sell pieces by Banksy and other street artists for large amounts of money. I just find that incredibly ironic and disturbing.

I make photo realistic paintings and usually work on one piece at the time. I don’t like to split my attention and focus, but I’ve got a lot of pieces ‘in the making’ going on inside my head. I’m always planning ahead and thinking of what I’d like to paint next.

So far, I’ve made oil paintings showing graffiti, but I’ve never made photo-realism with spray cans. I don’t have too much experience painting graffiti, I made a painting of Ice-T like six years ago and let’s just say it didn’t turn out exactly how I expected it to, haha! Graffiti is extremely difficult to master – I think I’ll just stick with my small brushes.

linnea strid

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