In Sweden we have short summers and long winters. We have to go to a special place to buy alcohol, which is not open at all occasions. We have a king who is called Carl Gustaf and a prime minister who is called Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Most of the feature films produced in Sweden are pretty bad and boring, although there are exceptions of course; Roy Andersson and Thomas Alfredsson to mention a few. Our music scene, on the contrary, is very vivid and successful, I think. Lots of great bands in very different areas and genres. We drink lots of coffee, I think Finland is the only country to beat us on that. It’s a quite multi cultural country which is great. We don’t dub foreign films and TV, which is great too, we get lots of free English lessons at a daily basis.

Today I had a conversation with a friend about our first film and TV memories, as a child, and I remember that I was totally hooked on the TV-show ‘MacGyver’. That was the first show I actually looked for in the paper, to see what time it was on. One summer when I was about 9 maybe, I got hit in the cheek by a dart arrow. That hurt. Another “bad” memory, was when my first house pet, a cat, disappeared for about two weeks. I think that was the first time I ever was depressed and felt down. It came back, though, which was great, but it got hit by a car eventually and died.

Other than that, I had a great childhood. I was raised by my parents, who were very loving and caring, and still are. I had lots of fights with my two years younger brother when we were kids but that stopped sometime in our teenage. Now, he is one of my best friends and he is actually also going to help me with some administration related business of mine, to clear up some time for me. He is pretty much like me, but he’s got a moustache.

To get inspiration I listen to lots of music, I’m addicted to hearing new music all the time, trying to keep up with all the new releases. I’m a great fan of movies too so I guess everything just melts down in this big pot and then something completely else comes out.

Usually, when I start doing a poster or illustration, I just sit and look at lots of images and figures, and sometimes I see something that I could do with it, remix it or combine it with something else. I rarely draw pictures just out of my head, I guess most of my work is a result of consuming lots of pop culture, remixing and tweaking already existing imagery. Often, I sit up at night with my headphones and play around, and sometimes I happen to stumble upon a good idea and make something good, and sometimes it just becomes shit. I guess it’s quite normal.

When I am not working, I love going to the movies (alone or with friends), hanging out with friends and drink a beer or two and just do silly things, playing the piano (although I don’t own one at the moment, hoping to change that soon), travel and walk new streets and have a coffee at a random café and just look at people, sleep ‘til I wake up without setting an alarm, clean the house and do dishes with my mp3-player set on shuffle.

Currently, I have ideas for a couple of projects, some are even half finished, so I really hope to be able to share some of those in a near future. It’s been a while now, since I shared anything, not too happy about that. I just haven’t had the time to complete them and focus, although I’m very happy for all the freelance work I have got recently. Those jobs give me the opportunity to keep doing what I’m doing, without having to work at a daytime job. For that, I’m very grateful.

viktor hertz

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